Kampen om Norge (The Battle of Norway) is a strategy board game about the German invasion of Norway in 1940. Each player takes control of the armed forces of either Norway, The Allies or Germany. Using plastic soldier playing pieces that represent armies, and cards that represent war ships, bombers, fighters and special actions, the players battle for control of the six victory cities on the board. Managing the resources you get from your playing cards is crucial to succeed.

The game is fast paced and has a quick set-up, yet offers a wide range of strategic options and variations. The starting point of the game and the resources available to the different factions are based on the historical conditions, but the players have the chance to change the course of history. Kampen om Norge is suitable for 2–3 players (or teams), and is playable in 2–3 hours.

All 2000 copies sold out.

Order English cards & rules from The Game Crafter.

The boxed version of the game is currently only available in Norwegian. However, an English language PDF version of the game rules (with a guide to the playing cards) can be downloaded here:

Kampen om Norge English Game ManualEnglish Game Manual

Bonus Content:

Scenario 1: Introduction – NarvikScenario 1: Introduction – Narvik

Scenario 2: Gudbrandsdalen and ØsterdalenScenario 2: Gudbrandsdalen and Østerdalen

Norwegian Action Cards Reference SheetNorwegian Action Cards Reference Sheet

Allied Action Cards Reference SheetAllied Action Cards Reference Sheet

German Action Cards Reference SheetGerman Action Cards Reference Sheet

Paste ups of the board summary boxes:

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions in our English language forum.

Reviews in English

Review of the game on Boardgames in Blighty, 29 August 2013.
Review on Boardgamegeek, 28 December 2013.


Kampen om Norge – the real surprise of the year. The Norwegian designers […] have put a really neat game together of the 1940 German attack on Norway using cards and plastic soldiers to make the three sides of the conflict – Norwegians, British/French, and Germans – play separate, but interconnected games. Seemingly simple mechanics, but […] gamers get into the battle quickly.

John D. Burtt (Editor of Paper Wars magazine), Paper Wars #78, 2013


[…] I think that it is a brilliant game. The design is clean, and well structured. The rules are clear and its pretty easy to get into. […] You really get a sense of the risks involved for all sides and that this campaign could have gone either way. It feels very tense with victory on a knife edge. The game looks great and you don’t feel overwhelmed as you might in some of the Axis & Allies games as there are a limited amount of units in play.

The card system is a master stroke and really gives you operational options which are interesting and pushes you to think through how best to use your cards. Having said that, the game turn plays pretty quickly and with a limited amount of units, moves along nicely.

Mark Rivera (Board game reviewer), Boardgames in Blighty, 29. Aug. 2013


In summary, I give Kampen Om Norge – straight out of the box, even! – my most enthusiastic recommendation to fellow wargamers and look forward to more games from the impressive game design team of Bækholt & Vetlesen.

Capsule Review Rating (1 is the worst, 5 is the best)
Rules: 5 I don’t read Norwegian, but the English translation is available, and they look to be well-organized and as beautifully illustrated and clearly instructive as anything I’ve seen in the hobby.
Graphics: 5 – no question.
Ease of Play: 5, even with the «advanced» game rules, and it is highly interactive and just fun.
Solitaire Play: 5, with all the variability and possibilities of the campaign historically and of this game of it.
Historical Realism: 5 for overall simulation of the campaign. Lower, regarding an unhistorical possibility or two, even if minor.
Game Balance: 4? The game is so variable it is still too early to tell. The Germans may (or may not) have an advantage, but «D-Day»-like game-wrecking solutions have not been found.
Time of Play: 5 A comfortable evening’s game – around 3 hours – with experienced players for the advanced game. The basic game must be much faster, but – except for much younger players – why bother with it?

Lou Coatney (Board game designer and reviewer), Paper Wars #78, 2013


A very sharp package… Mounted board, slots in a tray for everything and they fit […] Again, congratulations on your fine game. We recommend it to all players and the English translated rules fulfilled their duty.

Jack Greene (Board game designer – designed Norway 1940)


Classy game. […] The game cards gives the game an added element of tactics and unpredictability. […] Recommended.

Martin Ellingsrud (Master in History, UiO), Fortid 3/12, p. 81


This game is an important introduction to the dramatic and fatal events of 1940.

Stein W. Aasland (Second in command at The Museums of the Norwegian Armed Forces), VG, 11. June 2012


[…] I have this earmarked as a great way to learn more about the history of Norway in addition to developing my language knowledge.

 David Nikelwww.lifeinnorway.net

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  1. Are the english language rules available online?


  2. can we play this online somewhere?

    1. I’m afraid there is no online version available at the moment.

  3. Any chance for English paste ups for cards via PDF file? Perhaps a one page summary? I may try to make this. Beautiful game!

    1. We’ll see what we can do when time allows. You are welcome to have a go at it. Send it to us and we may well put it up on this site. Thanks, glad you like it!

      1. Will do! Let us know if you ever produce english cards. I will order. Also, is there a english translation of the summary boxes on the board? Is this in the rules somewhere and I missed it? I would like to make paste ups of the board summary boxes so I can lay them on the spots.

        1. We will definitely let you know. It might happen. I will try to get the summary boxes translated tomorrow. It is basically just the turn sequence and combat sequence. Merry Xmas!

        2. Paste ups have now been posted. Happy New Year! 🙂

  4. Thank you. Here’s my review of the game on BoardgameGeek. Superb game!


    1. I saw the review. It is great, thanks! Also uploaded reference sheets for the Action Cards now. It is the same text as in the rules, but separated on three different sheets, with a bit bigger type.

    2. English cards and, optionally, rule book can now be ordered online from print-on-demand-shop The Game Crafter. We think the quality of the card stock and print of the cards is great. The quality of the full color printed booklet is also very good. Hopefully this will make the game a lot more accessible to those who are eager to try it, but have been put off by the thought of having to look up the meaning of the cards.

      English Cards and Rules $22.99
      English Cards only $15.99

  5. Wow, making the cards and rules available like this is a great idea and much appreciated! I already placed my order through Game Crafter. Thanks.

    1. Our pleasure. I was hoping you would appreciate it Anthony.

  6. I have heard good things about this game, and am looking forward to playing it. I also added a few links to Kampen Om Norge my website http://www.grognard.com. Wishing you success with this game and all your future endeavors.

    1. Thanks! Appreciate that.

  7. I am the game review editor of PAnzer Digest Magazine. I’d be thrilled to review your game – most of my reviews are published herein but dependent upon time I will farm it out to other magazines to keep it timely. Moreover we also always do a photo review with our lovely model.


    1. We’d love it if you did a review. I will send you an email so we can sort it out.

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